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re: What's your team's cross-platform setup?
I was working on a team where the developers was working on...
re: Why is this code not working?
This is kinda awkward because now I'm not sure if I can rel...
re: Why is this code not working?
I didn't noticed that the subtraction throws those decimals...
re: Quick Setup of Oh My ZSH! terminal on Ubuntu
If you're using agnoster as a theme then you should install...
re: What's your web browser of choice?
I switched from Chrome to Firefox, I think that Firefox Qan...
re: Can I see your desktop home screen
HereΒ΄s my desktop, I really like the octocat
re: Can I see your desktop home screen
Here's mine πŸ˜„
re: Can I see your terminal?
Here's mine, I'm using iTerm2 on macOS with oh-my-zsh, colo...
re: Should I learn Vim (or its keybindings)?
I've been using vim for almost a year now and even when I a...
re: When working from home, how do you turn off at the end of the day?
I have a daughter so she makes me stop to play with her πŸ˜„
re: Tools that make me fast and productive
ClipMenu is no longer available, I use CopyClip instead
re: What's your favorite useless repo/package/website/etc?
This is pretty cool
re: I Clicked On A Facebook Scam To See What Would Happen
Maybe this guy was making money but why is he tracking info...
re: What fonts do you use in your editor(s)?
I use Fira Code for now