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Dirk Levinus Nicolaas
Dirk Levinus Nicolaas

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Mathjax can be edited like mathquill, is it possible?

For those who are still learning and investigating the greatness of html and javascript today, it's best to multiply learning the original syntax, it will be more productive but the file size is not large..

The development of HTML / javascript technology is so fast, something that was once impossible, can now be possible.
Without a javascript program, Mathjax can be edited directly like Mathquill, to refine the editing it can be tricked with a simple program from JavaScript.

Roughly all html pages can be edited with a new html syntax, but we should take the important elements.

  1. Examples for all htm pages can be edited:
<body contenteditable='true'>

E = mc^2


\[E = mc^2\]

Brackets tagged:

\[E = mc^2\tag{x}\]

  1. examples for elements:
<div contenteditable='true'>\[E = mc^2\tag{x}\] </div>
<span contenteditable='true'>\[E = mc^2\tag{x}\] </span>
  1. with a piece of javascript:
<span id='mj'> 
\begin {equation}
E = mc ^ 2
\end {equation}
document.getElementById ('mj'). ondblclick = function () {return document.getElementById ('mj'). setAttribute ('contenteditable', 'true')};
   document.getElementById ('mj'). onclick = function () {return document.getElementById ('mj'). setAttribute ('contenteditable', 'false')};


The conclusion is that there is no conclusion because this is still a new thing for me.

I myself am still trying and trying to outsmart tricks according to my reasoning abilities, because there is no reference (Mathjax can be edited) that discusses this (???).

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