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Motion Detection OpenCV Python

We make use of Motion Detection technology in our daily life. This feature is used in CCTV Cameras to detect any kind of motion in the video frame. In this blog, we are going to make a motion detection script using OpenCV in Python.

Steps for Motion Detection OpenCV Python

  1. Capturing Real-time video from a camera or Reading recorded video.
  2. Read two frames from the video source.
  3. Find Out the Difference between the next frame and the previous frame.
  4. Apply Image manipulations like Blurring, Thresholding, finding out contours, etc.
  5. Finding Area of Contours to detect Motion.
  6. Drawing Rectangle on the Motion Detected Areas.
  7. Showing the video in the window.

Learn all the above steps for Motion Detection OpenCV Python from the original post.

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