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Configuring Workbox with Create React App

There are many ways to integrate Workbox in CRA, you can use a library like react-app-rewired or eject react-scripts for taking full control over your configuration for your web app. But we are going to use a small dev dependency called workbox-build for this.

1 - Add these 2 files to your src folder


const workboxBuild = require('workbox-build');
// NOTE: This should be run *AFTER* all your assets are built
const buildSW = () => {
  // This will return a Promise
      swSrc: 'src/sw-template.js', // this is your sw template file
      swDest: 'build/service-worker.js', // this will be created in the build step
      globDirectory: 'build',
      globPatterns: ['**/*.{jpg}'], // precaching jpg files
    .then(({ count, size, warnings }) => {
      // Optionally, log any warnings and details.
      console.log(`${count} files will be precached, totaling ${size} bytes.`);
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This file will run on every build and will inject your custom service worker from sw-template.js in place.


if (typeof importScripts === 'function') {
  /* global workbox */
  if (workbox) {
    console.log('Workbox is loaded');

    /* injection point for manifest files.  */

    /* custom cache rules */
      new workbox.routing.NavigationRoute(
        new workbox.strategies.NetworkFirst({
          cacheName: 'PRODUCTION',
  } else {
    // console.log('Workbox could not be loaded. No Offline support');
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This file is our custom service worker and uses Network first strategy. Read more about workbox caching strategies here.
You can try out caching fonts also using CacheFirst strategy.

2 - Install workbox-build

npm install --save-dev workbox-build
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3 - Add the following to your scripts in package.json

"build-sw": "node ./src/sw-build.js",
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4 - Add npm run build-sw to your build script in package.json like this

"build": "react-scripts build && npm run build-sw",
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Finally in your index.js replace the serviceWorker.unregister() to serviceWorker.register()

And there we have it

We have successfully integrated workbox in our React APP. You can find the Github repo here.

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mohammadazimi profile image
Mohammad Azimi

Thank you for the article. and a suggestion. please add "js" after backquote. this will cause a better view of the code format in the article 😅.
like this

const variable = 'js variable';
// ~> no space between them ` ` `js
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ajsystem profile image

Thanks dude, it's working great so far. Just need to adjust importScripts('; to match the actual dependency that was installed via npm

bernardbaker profile image
Bernard Baker

Hi, let me know how you get on with that. And welcome to 😄

abhishek150190 profile image

Not Working