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Github Action for the Godot Asset library

Just a quick announcement: If somebody uses Github to store their assets for the Godot asset library, I created a Github actions to push new release to there. It depends on the Asset library REST API.

Check it out:

GitHub logo deep-entertainment / godot-asset-lib-action

A github action to manage assets on the Godot asset lib

Godot asset lib action

This github action manages assets in the Godot asset library.



Required The action to carry out. Currently, these actions are provided:

  • addEdit: Add an asset edit. Requires the assetId input. Expects that you have created the asset previously with all the basic information.

Default: addEdit


Required The username for the asset library


Required The password for the asset library. It's recommeded to use a secret.


Required The id of the asset in the asset store


Required A handlebars template file that will provided with the webhook context of the action. See the webhook reference file for details.

The resulting file should fit the Asset model. See the asset library rest api documentation for details.

The token will be injected by the action.

Default: .asset-template.json.hb


Required Base URL for the godot asset lib.



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