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I graduated from Launch Academy's 18-week Full stack (Rails and React) immservie boot camp just about a year ago.

Bootcamps are not perfect, they will not make you a developer but they are a HUGE step up from self-teaching (in part because they teach you have to self teach effectively) and they give you the tools you need to get, what I would consider, an apprenticeship at a company where you will (hopefully) get a senior mentor to guide you the rest fo the way.

I could spend a long time going into what Bootcamps do right and what they do wrong but I'll leave you with this and you can DM me if you want to know more about my thoughts.

When I joined the Army I was sent to Basic Combat Training (BCT). It was 9 weeks to learn how to think, move, and operate as a soldier. Regardless of your future MOS (Military occupation) you have to go and pass BTC. We were PTed (Physically trained) every day, we learned how to maintain and fire our weapons and other common weapon systems, and we learned every other basic skill soldier kill (Unarmed combat, land nav, ceremony and drill, ect). After 9 short weeks I was 100% a different person, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Was I ready to go fight on the front lines? No, but I was ready to go to advanced training where my instructors could be confident had the basic skills covered enough where they wouldn't have to hold my hand.

Even though BCT was 10 years ago for me and I haven't used most of the information recently it was taught in such a was the the core of the knowledge will be with me forever. I'd have to get back to practicing to get truly skilled and proficient again, but the groundwork is there to build upon. Don't underestimate an immersive programs ability to build and teach a person. Bootcamps won't make you a great developer much like BCT won't make you a great soldier, but both will give you the groundwork to build yourself through continued practice and advanced training.

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