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re: How to get started with React in 2020
I am a fan of Ionic React.
re: Why you code?
I code for food.
re: Completed Hacktoberfest!
I've got my work done also, congrats on your progress.
re: Digital nomad lifestyle of remote web developer
I had been doing freelancing as a remote developer for 2 ye...
re: The Upside of Downtime
How about the downside of uptime?
re: Hacktoberfest 2019 updates posted. Get ready everyone!
Can wait to achieve another t-shirt and stickers set.
re: Happy Monday, July 1st! What are your goals?
I am expecting one more productive week.
re: I'm a Tester, Ask Me Anything!
Why should devs write test cases ?
re: Job Security of Developer
It's obvious. Plus, if your skillset match the interest of ...
re: How do dev.to make money?
I've seen this so far. Let's see other opinions.
re: Job Security of Developer
It depends on your experience and skillset.
re: How do dev.to make money?
DEV.to are selling nice stuffs here: shop.dev.to/
re: DEV.to is running on an outdated React.js version
Oh, good to know then.
re: I think I will leave my job, give me a advice.
Sorry for that situation, I can recommend you to have a tri...
re: How to upgrade RAM on your laptop
Thanks that was just so helpful, I downloaded totally 64 GB...
re: What good habits are you trying to adopt?
just kidding, if there is somethings I would like to change...
re: What good habits are you trying to adopt?
Abandoning bad habits is good habit I would adopt for sure.
re: What will you be working on this weekend?
I'm too lazy to do anything on weekends.