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Dzhavat Ushev
Dzhavat Ushev

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Celebrating 10k followers

Apparently I've reached 10k followers here on DEV. 🎉

I'm usually not someone who's very concerned about the number of followers because I see them as a side effect - I write primarily for myself in order to get better at it, share things I've learned or feelings I've experienced.

If you follow me because you've found the things I'm publishing useful, or you relate to some of the thoughts I've expressed, thank you. 💗 I appreciate it. 🙏

If you follow me but haven't yet read some of my posts, thank you too 💗. I'm looking forward to meeting you in some of my future posts.

Some stats

I've been on the platform for a little over a year. Have joined on Jun 21, 2019. During that period I've published 36 posts (excluding this one). There's only one in draft. So my published/drafts ratio is actually quite good :)

My most viewed post is:

A post that didn't get much attention but is dear to my heart:

So thanks everyone. I really enjoy coming to DEV to meet new people and read a lot of awesome posts. I've learned a lot from you! See you around 🙂

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Arturs Smirnovs

Congrats! :)

Apparently i'm following you as well, will read your post about "Making impact"..

Cheers :)