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Dzhavat Ushev
Dzhavat Ushev

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Beeing “lucky”

I’m trying to be more aware about the words that I use when talking about my state of being, situations I’m in or possessions that I have. I noticed, I’ve been using the word “lucky” quite a lot for sayings like “I’m lucky to be alive.”, “I’m lucky to have a job during these hard times.” or “I’m lucky to own a nice car.”.

When I read these sentences, the end result is completely correct. But there’s something in the wording that make them sound exclusive and unappreciative. It’s the “I’m lucky” part that make them sound very “I” centered, as if I as a person am the sole reason for having this luck.

I belive in God and that nothing happens by coincidence. It is He who decrees and controls all things, opens His mercy and blessings to everyone and everything happens for some reason, whether we understand it or not. So saying that “I’m lucky” about something doesn’t truly recognize His presence in my life.

A better way to say the above things would be to use “blessed”. The above statements then get a completely different meaning - “I’m blessed to be alive.”, “I’m blessed to have a job during these hard times.”, “I’m blessed to own a nice car.”.

Put that way, the focus shifts. I recognize His presence, I admit that everything is given to me, many times without me even asking, and my only appropriate response is to be appreciative.

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