CDN & optimization for images weight: a free tool

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I'm testing Cloudimage, a free CDN & optimization tool for images weight.

Cloudimage downloads your images from your web server over HTTP / HTTPS or storage provider (Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob, ...) resizes them and delivers to your worldwide users rocket fast over CDN.

You can manually prefix image URLs in your HTML code with the Cloudimage URL and use their JS plugin to automatically replace your image URLs.

For non devs, there is also a free Wordpress plugin to automatically accelerate your images on Wordpress: you add your token and Clloudimage takes care of optimization and delivery, using industry best practices and a lightning-fast CDN.


and use their JS plugin to automatically replace your image URLs.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but using JS to generate images for each resolution on the fly has its downside. If you don't have src="URL" in your <img> tag, them screenreaders won't see it. It's not good for SEO, afaik.

From their quick start:

Step 3: Replace your img tags fromsrc="[image source]" to ci-src="[image source]"

You might want to use srcset instead, and generate all necessary links (//, size, filter) before it's fetched to the browser.

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