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re: What sport/physical activity would you recommend to someone who's not super sporty by nature?
Ping pong
re: So you think you know JavaScript?
Very interesting. Specifically i liked the iterable one.
re: I created an online markdown viewer and editor
re: I created an online markdown viewer and editor
Super cool. In my opinion, if the editor can be split verti...
re: JavaScript can do that?
Great article.
re: What's new and interesting in JavaScript?
Microfrontends, lerna with tailor and cloud functions
re: Using Standard with VSCode
I do like auto format on save but with eslint and prettier ...
re: BaseComponent for react
Nice article and well explained.
re: Welcoming two summer interns to the DEV team!
re: MacOS Catalina: Top 3 features I liked most
All your points are valid and i can not deny but again, i w...
re: What does your Terminal look like?
I use iTerm2 with snazzy theme with zsh and oh-my-zsh. I us...
re: What should I learn next?
Thank you for such nice suggestions. I just started with Po...
re: How many computer devices do you own?
Macbook Pro 15" RD X 2 Macbook pro 13" 2013 Windows 10 on d...
re: I'm concerned with the move that FreeCodeCamp just pulled by leaving Medium
Interesting topic and i do agree that transparency is neede...
re: What should I learn next?
I am not constraining to front end...i have started with ba...
re: What are you reading right now?
I am seeking for help that what should I pick to read.🤔 All...
re: 5 Programming Patterns I Like
I liked the first two and use very often. I kind of feel n...
re: CSS can do that?
Completely agree. Thanks
re: CSS can do that?
Very nice. Recently i tried mix-blend-mode but due to some ...
re: Moving Past Tutorials: 8 Tips for Problem Solving
re: JavaScript async and await in loops
Did you consider for...await...of?
re: Tips to use VSCode more efficiently
I already had all of them except the following. Its awesome...
re: How to add code highlighting to your posts.
Hi @hendrik , Is there a way that I can change the backgrou...
re: Announcing DEV for Android
Downloaded and install. It is Awesome. Thanks Dev.
re: ES6 and Beyond > Part 1
Thank you.
re: ES6 and Beyond > Part 1
Thank you. I do agree with your examples above. Thanks for ...
re: Stop using so many divs! An intro to semantic HTML
Couple of tags I was not aware of from the list given at th...