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Software Engineer with 10 Years of experience.I work as a Full-Stack .NET developer. I'm keen on client-side technologies like React and Angular.


Senior SW Engineer

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Moving from senior developer to tech lead

Thanks for your helpful advice. ♥

What's Your Hobbies Other Than Programming?

Fishing Bicycling Reading Calligraphy

Tips on planning your career path?

Agree with you, I think you have to seek for knowledge in the...

【ASP.NET Core】Try Blazor(Blazor Server)

I love Blazor and I started applying it in a real project. Th...

Javascript (ES2020) **Nullish Coalescing_( ?? ) and Optional Chaining ( ?. )Explained

This feature exists in C# since years, good news to be in jav...

What FTP software do you use?

I recommend FileZilla 👍

DevTools inspected with DevTools

hhhhh, it's really fun to inspect the inspector 😂😂

What cooking taught me about software engineering

SW application is just like a meal, if all ingredients (SW co...

What can I build for my family?

I think that your family members have the answer, you can mak...

You Probably Don't Need a Mac

As a .NET Developer, I don't need a Mac, however, .NET applic...

Do we need Regex?

I feel myself in matrix movie when I start writing regex :D I...

Beautify your Windows Terminal 🦄

Thanks very much for your effort. I prefer something like Cmd...

Create Simple Popup Example In React Application

Thanks for your post, what about making use of some advanced ...

Debug anything: Editing variables and restarting functions

Good series, thanks. I am wondering if i have an html page t...

What the hack is call, apply, bind in JavaScript

Useful article, thanks

Daily Challenge #183 - Automorphic Numbers

JavaScript function isAutomorphic(x){ return `${x * x}...

Daily Challenge #184 - Form the Minimum

Javascript function getMinimum(arr){ let sorted =

Frontend Roadmap in 2020

Thanks for introducing, good website.

Basic Text to Speech (TTS)

Hello, I tried it. It's very interesting :D . I used a no...

How to Contribute to Open Source Software

Thanks Matt, I wish you a great success :)


Great post, thanks