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Dipping my feet in SwiftUI

I have always looked at native iOS development as tech wizardry, reserved only for the mighty gods who have climbed the ranks of software engineering to Mount Olympus.

Objective-C looked to me like the foreign language of an alien civilization. Reading about UIKit, Core Data and the steep learning curve associated with both turned me away from native iOS development.

Scared young man

Stumbling on some Objective-C code

Naturally, I flirted with React Native, NativeScript, Ionic and similar technologies for a while. The ease of JavaScript and the vibrant community around it was a dream come true, enough to keep me from ever having to open XCode.

Fast forward to a few days ago, I decided to give SwiftUI a try. I have been hearing about it for a while as the future of iOS development but was somewhat skeptical.

I launched XCode, opened the official SwiftUI Landmarks tutorial and boy oh boy was I shocked! I was immediately in love. There was so much that reminded me of working with React.

If you are a React developer and always wanted to try native development, I would encourage you to check out SwiftUI. It's not perfect but you will be pleasantly surprised.

There is also a similar framework for Android called Jetpack Compose which I will look into next. I have high hopes that these will be the future of native development.

Long live declarative UI 🎉

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