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epilot insights: Bring a friend to your company :)

I guess in our first interview I forgot to introduce myself shortly - my name is Nathalie and I´m working as a HR Manager at epilot since April 2020. I love having people around me, getting to know people and for sure pointing out possibilities to grow their potential, also in a professional way.

And today I am pleased to introduce my colleague Mercedes Arbeláez Córdoba, whom I gladly call a friend. Our paths crossed for the first time in year 2015. She started to work as a Team Assistant in a Recruitment Agency, where I already worked and that's where our friendship started with a lot of common activities over the following years. Even when our professional paths parted, we stayed in touch.

So it happened that in 2020 a chance arose for her to start at epilot as an Accounting Assistant. So I brought a friend to epilot 😄

… enjoy reading!

Alt Text (Old but Gold / 2015)

Hey Mercedes,

so good to have you on board and glad that you´ll answer some of my questions to give interested people some epilot insights from your point of view.

Merce, could you please tell us something about your onboarding? 🚀

What I liked most about my onboarding process is having two tremendous teachers who gave me all the confidence and knowledge of what to do and how to do my tasks. This way, the process was quick and I was able to integrate and develop professionally very well. I have always felt accompanied and I am feeling productive.

Why do you love being an epilot?

What I love most about being an epilot is being able to be who I am without pretending to be someone else at the office. I can dress the way I like, and I can freely share my opinions. Since we are an incredibly international group, I feel there is room for diversity and respect. This is beautiful! 😊

What drives you to achieve your professional goals? 💪

I have many reasons to achieve my professional goals... first, the clear communication with my boss of what my goals are for the first 3 and 6 months and so on. Then I have defined objectives to focus on.

I also feel so comfortable with this team, I already feel part of it and want to stay part of it, this motivates me to do everything super good and achieve my goals.
I am learning a lot and I have the feeling I can learn a lot more from my work colleagues. This motivates me!
Another reason is that my colleagues have never made me feel dumb. It doesn't matter if sometimes I don't understand something, I have the confidence to ask again and know that they will give me the answers I need to progress in my work and grow personally and professionally. Thank you so much to this beautiful team! I already love you and want to be an epilot for a very long time. ❤️

Thanks a lot, Mercedes 🙏 Looking forward to future times with you …

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