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CurtineIncSw.vim - switching between implementation and header files

I'm not adverse to using an IDE from time to time. But often I find myself editing C/C++ code from VIM, being the swiss army knife of text editing that it is.

One common task I perform, especially when changing/adding/removing function signatures is switching between header and implementation files.

Sometimes I struggle to remember the location of all 532677 C/C++ files in my repo...

Introducing find

Often I would briefly leave vim and do a find like follows:

find . -name "fileIHadOpenInVim.c"


find . -name "fileIHadOpenInVim.h"

Sound familiar?

Try out my VIM plugin, this task becomes a single keystroke in VIM and is optimized for speed and simplicity:

Feel free to give feedback, open issues and open PRs!

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