re: It is pretty wild, but the fundamentals are still just computer programming and hopefully your employer will be able to help reign in the insanity ...

Hi Ben and thanks for sharing my article It makes me really happy !

I will read all of them since I kinda like how the JS community is so active ! When I see all these articles and tutorials I'm a little more relieved about it


One more thing, you only need ONE job and there are PLENTY of jobs in Java, C, C++, COBOL, PHP.

You are in control of your own career and JavaScript is only eating a bit of the software industry. There is plenty of room for all the languages, personalities, etc.

Becoming a one-trick pony is not very good career advice for people working in IT. There are plenty of one-trick ponies that get replaced by people capable of working in more than one language, and get stuck in dead-end jobs working on maintaining 30 year old software because they thought there are enough jobs for COBOL.

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