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That is definitely a nice feature!

But I will be sticking with Google because it knows me. Some say that is creepy, I say it is handy. For example, Google knows I have been writing a lot of Java lately. So when I ask it "how to write to a file" it gives me Java results:

Google KNOWS

This example is pretty trivial because I could have added "java" to the end of the query to get similar results. However there have been many instances where Google has resolved much more complicated queries by fusing my search query with my personal data. Google is auto-magically providing implicit context to everything I search, allowing me to spend less time querying and more time reading + doing.

Obviously if you don't want Google tracking you this is a no-go. Personally I think the convenience is worth the cost.


Wow! That's an amazing feature! Thanks for sharing.


When I type "how to write to a file" I got the same java result but I don't use java.


True for me as well: the first hit is for python (my language of preference), but then they are all Java (which I don't use). Seems like this specific query has a lot of clicks for java, which makes this specific example not so useful.

However, I have felt how Google uses my search history for better results during my queries, so I still agree it is a behavior that I find convenient.

I realized after posting this that Java is a bad example since it is so popular. But there was a time where I primarily used Scala and generic queries quickly brought me to Scala results so Google is definitely trying to figure it out.


Yeah agreed. I have honestly never understood the "omg Google tracks you to show ads" argument. If I'm using an ad-supported service why would I not want those ads as tailored as possible? Why it good thing for me to see less relevant ads?

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