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Felipe Lincoln
Felipe Lincoln

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Me, a former physicist, just launched my first project using Elixir and Phoenix.

I couldn't pay my bills as a scientific researcher so I am now adventuring into the tech world 😁

this is an actual crisis. Bill Nye gif

I went from crystallography researcher to a backend developer about 6 months ago. But I started learning web development a lot earlier, and this project helped me a lot in this journey.

The journey started early 2020

This is when I started feeling I should change my carrer and I rescued an old passion, that is coding.
I never thought I could do some decent work with coding, although I liked, it never seemed to me like something I could be good at. But I just gave it a try anyway.

hello world

After a brief research on how to build a website, I started learning some javascript and python, which later evolved into learning Vue.js and Django.

HTML and CSS I learned with Shay Howe. If you are starting from zero, this is definitely where you want to start, I can't believe his content is free.

After this I picked a CSS framework. Started with bootstrap (as everyone lol), then went to Bulma/Buefy and now I use Tailwindcss.

Looking on how to maintain the code and how to deploy my application I learned Git and Docker.

My first fail

I already had a good bunch of tools, so I started to develop my project, without any previous planning. Didn't know where I wanted to go, didn't know what I needed to code, nothing planned.

The result of this was, after 6 months of development I didn't reach anywhere. I was implementing a lot of features without knowing this product would even work.

So I decided to learn a bit more about product, what is an MVP, UX and started to think that I could have deployed just 10% of what I have made.

I decided to start from zero, even rebuild the whole Stack. Changed the backend into Elixir/Phoenix using no frontend js framework and Tailwindcss. This stack could be better maintained by a single developer. I could work in only one programming language, Elxiir.

This is when I started writing more in the whiteboard than in the keyboard.

writting in the whiteboard

Finally I just made it, didn't over engineered it too much at this starting point.

My project: A blogging platform

This project is a blogging platform where one can have a blog from her/his GitHub markdown files. Allowing the content to be improved by the readers.

Branchpage landing page

Since I heard of I felt in love with open source, so the platform itself couldn't be any different 😄

GitHub logo felipelincoln / branchpage

A blogging platform integrated with GitHub.

I never had a product launched before or done anything like this so I have a lot to learn. I would love to hear your feedback or get your collaboration in the code.

Feel free to comment :)

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pshaddel profile image
Poorshad Shaddel

Nice project and nice path. I studied physics too and after graduation and problems of finding a job in this field I started working as a programmer.
We are changing our stack to Elixir Phoenix and videos of pragmatic studio are really helpful.

Good luck

felipelincoln profile image
Felipe Lincoln

Yeah, their course on liveview was really helpfull when I was learning elixir/phoenix.
Its great you found your way into tech as well =)