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Sharing data from Laravel components to Alpine


Sharing data from Laravel components to Alpine


How to install Tailwind CSS 2 with Laravel 8

TYSM. Was almost running out of things to break. This upgrade...

Microtica vs. GitLab CI

This is just an avertissement.

Things I have learned from my dead startups as a programmer

I don't think this really applies for [Something] as a Servic...

Suggest a tool for wiring paper prototypes

Check this out :

Deno is coming

Most of DENO's features are completly bullshit. e.g : Sandbox...

Node-secure release v0.5.0

This is awesome!

I built my own browser

Love it! Take a look at Sizzy, someone already did the work...

What is the simplest static site framework?

wtf? Arguments please ? Definition of a Static Site ?

Can Recruiters post on Dev.To too?

Listings no ?

PHP 7.4 in prod at last

I always prefer LTS versions, less bugs, less unexpected cr...

Autoload classes in PHP

You could also take a look at Composer and modern developme...

A collection of my favorites DNS servers

Google ? Privacy ? Good one haha :p

How do you organize development projects on your computer?

Take a look at Docker. I had the same problem and Docker wa...

The Feed Algorithm 🤖

Someone should make an article about propretary software :p

Get 2FA Codes From The Terminal

Nice! At least when developing 2fa authentication, as this ...

XmlHttpRequest (XHR) Object Request

It looks better, but anyways, before teaching anything,you ...

XmlHttpRequest (XHR) Object Request

First, what about fetch, you don't even talk about it and fet...



Looking for a backup db system

Same here

What is Laravel? Explain it like I'm five.


The one problem with freeCodeCamp

Electron 😉

Can Callback URLS Be Any URL?


A deeper look into PHP Hash Algorithms

To hash something in PHP with password_hash, it's this synt...

Popup with Pure CSS

Great! What about accessibility? It's a key point of doing ...

Those silly mistakes we all make

true haha. I've done this so many times

How I structure a React project

if e.g a Card use a CardHeader, the CardHeader should be in...

How I configure VSCode for Everything

Sorry about "you should" I'm French and it's maybe not the ri...

How I configure VSCode for Everything

I use vscodium 60h per week and it's only pleasure.

How I configure VSCode for Everything

I think, it's not only for improve user experience, Google st...

How I configure VSCode for Everything

It's exactly the same, nothing changes a MS engineer say "Whe...

How I configure VSCode for Everything

You should use vscodium, it's vscode without Microsoft's tele...