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people more often use 3rd party tools like cloudhealth, cloudcheckr which can generate alert for such needs.

i have written a sample python script which when enchanced should be able to solve your need.
All you have to do is convert this python into lambda with notification logic added.. then have cloudwatch event that invoke that lambda every day in morning and send you alert.


Thanks for sharing your script! Do you also monitor your EC2 coverage?

In my opinion, Cloud[Health|Checkr|Ability] provides some legit value but it's hard to justify their hefty price.


We use 3rd party tools so i get some build in dashboard with metrics that help.. But if you plan to implement you might have to use AWS Cost Explorer API.


Google Cloud just released their committed use discount visualizer which is incredible. Perhaps AWS has something similar?


Thank you for sharing the link. I'm going to check it out to see how GCP approach the problem.
AWS does have something similar in CostExplorer.

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