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OOP in Batch

freakcdev297 profile image Phu Minh ・1 min read

Hi, I'm Nguyen Phu Minh, creator and lead developer of the FreakC Programming Language. Since Batch does not have object-oriented programming, so today I'm sharing my attempt in "faking" OOP in Batch.

Creating a structure

First, I will create a file called "Dog.bat":

:: Creating properties
set %~1.age=%~2
set %~2.weight=%~3
:: Creating a child method
echo echo %%~1!
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Then, I will create a main file which we run our code on:

:: Create an object
call Dog "Mary" "3" "4kg"
:: Prints out "age" property of "Mary", which is "3"
echo Age: %Mary.age%
:: Call "Mary.say" with argument "Woof", which prints out "Woof"
call Mary.say "Woof"
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That's it! Simple, right? Please comment if you've a better solution.

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