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Flutter release 3.0.0 What's new ?

Google I/O is happening now. One of the news from this conference is release a Flutter version 3.0.0 What has the google team prepared this time? Let's figure it out!

Flutter 3.0.0

Stable support for MacOS and Linux

Now flutter is ready for production on all desktop platforms
Linux and macOS have reached stable and include this features:
All OS

  • Cascading menus and support for the macOS system menu bar
  • Full support for international text input on all desktop platforms
  • Accessibility on all desktop platforms
  • Universal binaries by default on macOS
  • Deprecating Windows 7/8 for development

Material Design 3(Material You)

Material You is new design language update. New Google Pixel phones used it and now Flutter applications is support it too.
Material you displays

Material You included features like dynamic color, an updated color system and typography, updates to many components, and new visual effects introduced in Android 12 like a new touch ripple design and a stretch overscroll effect.

Here you can check article from the Flutter Team about how to implement new Material 3 api in your Flutter application

Material you Flutter Theme

Foldable phone support

Another feature in new Flutter release is a stable support for foldable phones. What phones? It is those phones that are able to unfold

Foldable phone

MediaQuery now contains a list of DisplayFeatures, describing the bounds and states of device elements like hinges, folds, and cutouts.

Flutter Casual Games Toolkit

If you have been following the releases of the Flutter community, you may have noticed this repository flutter/pinball


Yes, this amazing game was made on Flutter using flame
I was surprised that the Flutter team paid a lot of attention to the production of games in this update

Honestly, it's wonderful. This action shows another example of the fact that Flutter is a powerful framework on which you can make casual games.

And in this update, Flutter Team also released the Casual Games Toolkit
Flutter Casual Games Toolkit
It is designed to make it easier to create simple games and support them using Google services.

The website says that we can

Speed up your game's development with pre-built integrations for services like Ads, In-App Purchases, Firebase, Play Services, and Game Center

Casual Games Toolkit Features

I wonder what will come of this and how the story of the games on Flutter will develop. I even wanted to write a game on Flutter and flame myself now 😁

flutter_lints updated to 2.0.0

Well, how could a flutter update happen without a linter updates? Yes, for new applications on Flutter, the flutter_lints version will be 2.0.0 automatically.

Image decoding and app lifecycles for Web

Now Flutter in web can automatically uses the ImageDecoder API in browsers that support it.

The new lifecycle API for Flutter web apps gives you the flexibility to control the bootstrap process of your Flutter app from the hosting HTML page. More here


The Flutter Team amazes with each of its new updates
I am glad that many new features are being added that contribute to the expansion and popularization of my favorite framework

Write in the comments if I didn't mention anything from the update
Thank you for reading and stay tuned!😘

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Thanks for the breakdown, I did not have time to look into the full changelog!!

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Stanislav Ilin

Thank you very much! I understand your feelings. They make a big changelog )

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Been a while since I worked with Flutter seems to keep getting better.

frezyx profile image
Stanislav Ilin

That's true. Flutter is great framework! 😎

adriens profile image

Looks very exciting and perfect timing as we are about to create a new prototype within the next month !

frodolight profile image

Really helpful.

ushieru profile image
Ushieru Kokoran

Nice update! support linux desk ♥

frezyx profile image
Stanislav Ilin

Yes ! That is cool !

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Khokon M.

Very detailed indeed!

frezyx profile image
Stanislav Ilin

Thanks for feedback!

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Fernando A. S. Serra

Nice article! I have not seen the conference, but your review is awesome!