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Easy-GateWay: The fastest way to setup a Proxy Server

You may run a private service on your remote server, however, one day, you want to debug something, and do not want to change your project code. You can use Easy-GateWay to setup a proxy server to serve your private service as public.

Environment required: NodeJS 10.x

npm i -g easy-gateway

Now, for example, you want to serve your private, you can do like this:

egw start --port=8080 --target=http://localhost:6000 --token=asdfjw982ng98f902jofa

Now, some other people can visit your service by using http://yourip:8080?token=asdfjw982ng98f902jofa. Isn't is easy?

To stop it, you should run in current directory:

egw stop

If you want to learn more about Easy-GateWay, visit git repo.

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