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DataStax Lunch & Learn: Astra DB, APAC (ANZ local time)

Join our experts at DataStax for a deep dive with Astra DB - our serverless NoSQL Cassandra DBaaS. Astra DB shines when you need a fast, always-on database without lots of operational overhead. It’s born of Apache Cassandra™ and simplifies cloud-native application development.

In this live session, you will learn:

-- Why you should consider Astra DB for rapid development
-- How you can reduce deployment time from weeks to minutes
-- How you can benefit from an auto-scaling database
-- Real-life examples and use cases for Astra DB
All attendees that attend the Astra demo will receive a 25$ Food Voucher. We will also have an interactive Q&A session at the end, and three lucky winners stand to win an Amazon gift voucher worth $100.

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