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How to Create Screenshots for App Store Screenshots Submission

Creating app store screenshots should be done in a friendly and cost-effective manner. Search for a tool that can work its best to meet your goals.

The main purpose why create screenshots for app store is to entice customers. Meaning, your mobile-based business can become profitable if you have great and converting app store screenshots. Focus on creating great screenshots and make sure that they are submitted properly. Otherwise, your mobile-based business can’t perform well.

According to UX Planet, there are vital procedures that you have to do. It is not enough to just capture a screenshot and you would say: “That’s it!” The expert software developers know the essence of adding world-class graphics to the screenshots. So, it is important that you edit and enhance the taken screenshots.

App Store Screenshots: Costly or Not?

Maybe you think that you may not hire a graphics designer because of the costly services. Or, perhaps you think that you have graphics-related skills and you can apply them when creating and enhancing your own app store screenshots. The second premise is interesting because there are a lot of available tools on the web today. Creating sales-driving iOS screenshots can be easy with the application and help of those tools. But the drawback is that those tools might also be very expensive that you can’t sustain to pay somehow.

To have a clean-looking and luring app, you need to have a professional designer, to say the least. Even if you possess some skills in relation to graphics editing, you still need a helping hand so that your endeavor won’t be wasted. The main goal is to lure a lot of customers and if your screenshots are not greatly produced/created, there is a great tendency that people would omit your listed app. To address the supposed issue, you have to look for an affordable software engineer or a third-party service provider, like Ramotion, to help you have eye-catching app screenshots.

Additionally, your mobile app has to be impressive. That is why you have to do everything so that you can have a grandiose listing. In this way, your ASO ranking won’t be compromised. In fact, it can be favorable for you at the end of the day.

DIY Knowledge Is a Must

You also have to know the process even if you’re going to hire a third-party service provider. “Knowledge is power,” as the old adage says. Hence, it is important that you know the process on how to create screenshots that can make your listing soar high in the app store search results.

To get started the right way, you have to know that there are tools that you can use. Just use the power of Google and other search engines. You can also utilize the word-of-mouth technique by asking some of your friends who already have the experience in mobile app industry.

When considering to use some tools, you have to determine your budget. Or, you can find those providers that offer free app store screenshots services. Usually, there are tools and software available on the web today that are friendly and easy to use. There are drag-and-drop services. The only setback is that they are not flexible in one way or another. It means to say that there is a tendency that you can’t meet your expected results because they lack flexibility.

If you have knowledge on how to use Adobe Photoshop then that’s nice. It can help you a lot as you enhance your store screenshots with difference sizes for app store. But there is another drawback. Using Adobe Photoshop really takes time before you can produce world-class screenshots for your mobile application.

Further Things You Have to Know

A free iOS app can help you a lot. Once you can have an app for iOS screenshots generation, it can let you have super powerful and luring screenshots for your mobile app. All you have to do is to simply put the images of the Apple device and download the result. However, the produced screenshots are limited. So, you have to pay a subscription by using the tool to produce unlimited app store screenshots.

When looking for a software or app that can help you create screenshots, make sure that it is user-friendly. Otherwise, you have to look for another app. A user-friendly software can make your life easy. There is no need to spend too much time to study how to create enticing mobile app screenshots.

As well, it is important that the software can work for all types of devices. Not only for iOS and Mac OSX devices, but also for Blackberry and Windows. The point of versatility and flexibility is given much emphasis here. You have to see to it that the tool is going to work regardless of the device being targeted.

Having a tool with a simple interface is quite nice. You can choose any image that you want. You can then enhance some related aspects such as the shadow background, reflection, and the like. In an instance, you should be able to download the intended screenshots. If the tool does not permit you all these things, then it’s about time that you have to look for another one that meets all these requisites.

One more thing is that you must be able to put text overlays. The screenshots can become more appealing if there are text overlays onto them. Or, by using Adobe Photoshop, you can add texts which can help your ASO ranking in a positive manner.

Lastly, avoid creating screenshots through using different apps and software. For example, there are tools that can only allow you to create a screenshot that is only fit for a certain app store. If you’re going to list your app in another app store, you have to search for another software so that the size becomes suitable. It is neither cost-friendly nor effective. Look for a program that can be used to create screenshots for multiple devices.

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