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GSoC 2020: Dhall Documentation Generator

German Robayo
Student eager to learn about compiler design and machine learning
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Hi everyone!

This is my very first post here and I'd like to start with something really great that happened recently.

I've submitted a proposal for a GSoC and got accepted! My concrete proposal summary can be found here. In summary, I'm going to develop a Dhall Documentation Generator as this post title suggests. The milestones of this project are:

  • Generate a simple HTML folder with the documentation of a dhall package;
  • Render the dhall source code as haddock (the documentation generator for haskell) does;
  • Jump to definition on both documentation and source code;
  • Type on hover on both documentation and source code

I'll try to write several posts each time I accomplish a milestone of a project, so I might end up writing at least 4 posts. This post will contain a "table of contents" for all the development of the project.

If you don't know what the dhall configuration language is, a good place to learn is its website

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