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3 Ways to Make Buttons more Enticing to Interact With

Kyle Gill
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Buttons are one of the most common elements in all of UI. It'll probably be the first thing you see when you open up a new component library or start working on a new project.

They can be surprisingly complex when you factor in all the different states and implications a button can have when pressed, clicked, or tapped.

Think about these differnt states you need to consider when designing a button:

  • Full color, outlined, or "ghost" buttons
  • Loading, disabled, and submitting states
  • Button sizes like sm, md, and lg
  • Hover, focus, and active states
  • Buttons used as links, vs buttons used as... well, buttons

After all is said and done, you can still do more to make sure your button looks "clickable". Here are a couple ways you can enhance a button.

Techniques for making buttons look more "clickable"

  1. Overlap content sections

  2. Add animations

  3. Add cursor: pointer

1. Overlap content sections

An element that sits on top of 2 sections looks like it almost "floats", and looks like it could be clicked.

Alt Text
Material UI does this with their + buttons.

2. Add animations

Entrance animations, hover animations, and tap animations can all add to a button in subtle but important ways.

Consider scaling the button or text within it when you hover or click.

3. Add cursor: pointer

It makes a button obviously clickable to have a little finger pop up over a button! Consider adding it to something you know will be clicked.

You can't rely on this to signal a button is clickable though for users who navigate without a cursor.

🔥 3 ways to make your button more enticing to click

1️⃣ Overlap content sections
2️⃣ Add animations
3️⃣ Add cursor: pointer#uifoundations

— Kyle Gill (@gill_kyle) July 30, 2021

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