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2022 Goals Recap, Looking to 2023

The 2022 recap and 2023 goals has lead a bit into the new year! The draft has been sitting for a few weeks or so to see how the end of 2022 would be and it was pretty stressful due to travel issues so this is a bit later than planned. I found my past post where I picked a few goals for the year and looks like I made about 1.75 to 2/3 of them? Sort of? I’d say that is mostly okay with me working on my Big Three and felt like pretty realistic goals to reach and work toward. The recap and outcomes as follow:

1. Get a Real Developer™ Job

Not necessarily a developer role but did get a new job! Still applied for some developer roles, attempted some code assessments (failed a couple), and were passed over. I had a second run at an internship and did not feel it aligned with my goals at the time and began to look elsewhere. I will still find my growth in my current role, help people, and continue to work on side projects as usual.

2. Run a 10k Race

HA, nope. I started the Couch to 5k/10k interval plan early in January and two weeks in got a knee tendon/some sort of other injury that took a while to initially heal and lingered for some of the year. To take it’s place, I was able to SUP (stand up paddle board) and hike more than previous years.

3. Read a Book A Month (12 books total):

This one had a slow start until I tried to find some local book clubs to chat about books; in the end my Goodreads had me at 14 read! A couple were nonfiction audio books which helped those along. The rest of the summer and fall, I became a frequent visitor of my local library :) I’ll be keeping this up into 2023.

Other Odds and Ends

CS50P (Intro to programming with Python) started up in May of this year and I was enamored with the course. I had tried CS50x last fall, but could not keep up with C programming concepts and did not feel they aligned with my coding goals. I have done a little bit of Python in the past and enjoyed this style so much more. Over the summer, I took a bit of a break and currently working on my final project.

It’s not all code around here! This year, I was able to reclaim my weekends back and join some hiking groups on the weekend to experience some new trails and meet new people. It’s refreshing to see bands visiting the area again so I can see some I’ve been waiting for a while! Despite getting sick after one, I was able to go to see three of some of my favorite bands Royal Blood, Odesza, and Big Wild.

✨ 2023 Goals✨

These may change a little but it’s a good starting point for 2023 with Big Three style again:

  • keep a consistent form of exercise or movement (hiking, paddling, walking, yoga, eventually running again) for mental health and stress relief
  • continue learning in public, and maybe even more at some point this year?? more to come… ;)
  • on mentality: be kinder to myself, practice meditation more consistently, and improve warding off imposter syndrome

-- H

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