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JavaScript Rap

I got a new love
She took my heart
Her name is JavaScript
she got nothin' but "good parts"

I kept seeing her at work
But I didn't know her language
So I would copy/paste
"Hello" and what my name is

All the devs at work hating
They were crass men
They said they preferred
those with class, plus stacked in the backend

But that's what made my love,
JavaScript so special
She don't stick to the script
Any environment she's flexible

JavaScript stepped my
career game up for days
No effort, she taught me
built in methods to get arrays

I told her this is how we function
all facts
We're on a higher order,
So after an argument I need a callback.

Took her to the library
To see how she would React
Yeah she had me
She chose a classic - great Gatsby

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