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Deploy your frontend in 15 seconds with Zeit Now

When I started deploying my frontends and stactic sites on zeit, I've never looked back. Zeit offers fast and zero config deployments and is my go to platform for frontend deployment.


(Alt-Text- homepage, Develop, Preview, Ship)

Why Zeit?

  • Free for personal use
  • Instant static deploys
  • Zero Config Required
  • Collaborative
  • Automatic SSL
  • Blazing Fast


Let's go

  • Create a Account on

    Tip : Go to on your phone and add the page to home screen for instant experience on mobile.

  • Go to your Terminal and Install Now command line tool.

    (Alt-Text- homepage, download zeit CLI)

    npm i -g now
  • What is now?
    Now command-line interface enables instant cloud deployment and local development.

  • Navigate to your project and deploy files.

    (Alt-Text- Me executing all steps)

  1. Make sure there is index.html in your folder.
  2. Open your terminal at root of the folder you want to deploy.
  3. execute now login to authenticate your cli with your id.
  4. type now.

That's it; Yep just that; all you need is now

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