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Why test cases are so important?

Alex K.
・1 min read

Why test cases are so important?
=> This is an essential stage of any testing process. This is a great tool for documentation and verification of the expected test results.
=> Test cases outline what should be done to check the software.
=> Test cases provide a clear picture of what expectations need to be achieved.
=> Test cases contain test scenarios and direct step-by-step testing instructions, making the whole testing process more structured and efficient.
=> Test cases help new team players get a good experience about the product and test management processes you follow, get quickly engaged in the project, and run ready test cases when they need to.
=> Test cases show how you addressed and tested all the product requirements.
=> Detailed manual test cases is a good base for building automated scripts and enhancing the QA process with automated testing.

And what reason for test cases writing you'd highlight?

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