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re: My two greatest challenges while learning software development
So true!!!!! 😮😮😮😮
re: Recursion Algorithm Practice: Fibonacci Sequence Generator
I will too! 😅
re: What's the Betamax of your field?
I loved the command language, but never understood RPGLE!
re: If you switched to a new Social Network, what could be your reason ?
I won't switch, I think, quit them all rather.
re: If you switched to a new Social Network, what could be your reason ?
But why switch in the first place?
re: One of many lessons on learning from companies regarding shiny new stuff.
Oh yes absolutely, My point was on trying to focus on stuff...
re: Write clean code and avoid the distractions of emerging technology
If you're listening for every signal, you are going to fry...
re: The Depression and Anxiety Paradox
This is absolutely true, I think managing it overtime can h...
re: explainable web?
Yeah exactly! Full stack override!
re: explainable web?
Thanks Ben for responding! It was more of a thought, less ...
re: Coding Bytes: Part 1 — (Intro &) Data Types
I’ve also come to peace with the fact that I may learn/wor...
re: Clean code and why I'm behind!
The refactored code is actually the solution in codewars! 😅...
re: [Solved] How can I publish a post in my drafts?
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
re: How Glitch taught me the Node.js stack
Hi there ! thanks for the article, I personally use repl, i...
re: How to lose a Job in 10 minutes
Hello ! I tried your problem, just to see if I can do it,...