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re: Tell me an unpopular software opinion
TDD in an Digital Agency setting is rarely realistic and us...
re: What was your win this week?
Finished my move to my new place! Now to unpack it all 😬
re: Services for your JAMstack Application
Awesome list! Shared 😁 Definitely would add Stackbit to th...
re: It’s my birthday
re: What’s overrated?
Ben Halpern's questions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
re: How can you identify unhealthy perfectionism in your work?
big oof
re: How do *you* pronounce sudo?
SUDOWOODO shake shake shake shake shake shake
re: What was your win this week?
Finished a RoR Graphql API side project weeee
re: Firefox developer tools can do that?
When Quantum came out with CSS Grid support before Chrome I...
re: What was your win this week?
Got to see Daniel Sloss live!
re: Why do you love your job?
Coworkers. If I didn’t work with who I worked with I probab...
re: What is the worst advice for the newbie?
god i heard that so much when I was starting out
re: what's the first website/project you made?
this beaut in 2008 was my first "website". But I made myspa...
re: What's your most re-watchable movie?
Love 80's horror, so gotta be Evil Dead 2 or Return of the ...
re: Things All Developers Should Learn In College
re: A Hidden Side of Procrastination
Been in CBT once a week for almost 2 years now. Can't even ...
re: Wanted: JavaScript Book Recommendations
Rediscovering Javascript was a good read last year. Current...
re: Introduction: from function to closure
Saving this for the next jr dev I have under me, really nic...
re: Installing WordPress 5 on ZEIT Now with MySQL Hosting
GOD Thank you. Ill try this tonight, was having the same is...
re: 99.9% uptime static site deployment with Cloudflare and AWS S3
Curious if I could get this to work with Backblaze B2
re: Git hacks you should know about
- in general is wonderful. I sometimes forget it exists for...
re: Imposter Syndrome: PHP Edition
re: Any Spotify Playlist you can recommend to boost coding concentration? Thank you!
My new go-to is this: open.spotify.com/user/newretrowave......