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The Space App - a help for post Corona era

iamhrithikraj profile image Hrithik Raj ・2 min read

The Space App is an Android application which helps people practice social-distancing. This app was designed keeping post Corona era in mind.The app uses the Google Maps API to determine distance between two users and Google Firebase to read and write data their distance, latitude, longitude, and status from cloud. With the help of multi-threading the app refresh itself automatically every 2 minutes. This app helps user keep an eye on the head count within user's 1.5m radius and a haptic feedback is generated if the limit exceeds giving users instant feedback.

Demo Link

Link to Code

How I built it

I made this app during my quarantine time and I learned a lot.
I started off with creating a basic layout for my app. Then integrated the Google's Firebase.After creating the login/registration for the users I integrated the Google's Map API. Now there was i serious problem i ran into,the Map API was not that accurate for very small distances therefore the number of people in users 1.5m radius was not that accurate.
Searching online i found out that Distance Matrix API is suitable for such cases.
So maybe I'll try integrating Distance Matrix API as well.
This was my first major Android project.
During this time i was more productive than ever before, I was done with my project in 96hrs, just because ofPomoDone. I got PomoDone lite plan free for 2-years from GitHub Student Developer Pack #githubsdp.
With PomoDone, I tracked my time and boosted my productivity by applying Pomodoro technique to my workflow.
I always wanted to help the society using my knowledge and this was the first time i made it happen.So I'm really proud of myself.

Final Note:

The app is still in its alpha version and I'm working on it. I would love to know any feedback and collaborate with other amazing developers to take this project forward.

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