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Teaching Yourself to Code (VII)

Pandas is rather outstanding! After around 18 hours of exerted efforts, the annual budget chart will now automatically update any new amounts. With respect to the spending about the type of purchase made
annual budget
or how many of the type of purchase was made.
occurrences by purchase type
As well as with respect to the spending at the merchant visited
or how many times a merchant held the highest spending per data point
occurrences by merchant
or even the type of merchant
occurrences by merchant type

All while allowing for analysis of spending amounts via linear regression

Now all that would be left is to tie up a few loose ends, like adding the geographical coordinate vectors so the geolocation isn't just a floating accessory, and then I can move on to working on packaging.

And all of this starting from the data in a spreadsheet.

With a little help from Google's APIs, the documentation, and a fantastic slack community.

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