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What is Git and why you need it.

itz_salemm profile image Salem Olorundare👨‍💻 ・2 min read

As a young developer I was always confused about what git was, and how it relates to Version Control System(VCS).

Talking of Git, we've all heard it's a Version control System.... blah blah blah and the likes of it. it even gets more confusing using terminologies like, commits, push, branch etc. to explain what exactly Git was.

In this article, I will work you through what Git is, and why you need it as a developer. But before then let's now what a Version Control System(VCS) is.

For easy understanding, Personally, I always like to think of it as a Ctrl+Z(undo), Yeahhh.

Imagine you working on a .doc file or any text file, what do you do when you want to revert back to the previous version of the file. You undo your (Ctrl+Z) changes or make a backspace, right?

Well, Version Control works Somewhat similar. A Version Control System helps you keep track of every modification(changes) made to any of your source code. it also helps you revert back (undo these changes) made to your source code incase a bug or issue was introduced to the code during development.

When collaborating with other developers on a project, sharing of codes and tracking other developer's changes could be made easier with a Version Control System.

Now, WTF is Git?

As we have defined and known what a Version Control System is.

##What is Git?
There are lots of Version Control Technologies and Tools used by developers to track their changes and collaborate with other developers. E.g Git, Subversions, Mercurial, Aws CodeCommit etc.
Git is the most widely used open source distrubuted Version Control Tools designed to handle and manage Changes from small to very large projects.
Now as most young developers do, Oops, I meant, like I did. Don't confuse Git with Github, as they are two different things. Check out my article on Git and Github(to understand better).

Why use Git?
Every developer should learn how to use Git or any Version Control Tool in other to conveniently revert back to previous file version when there is a bug or unwanted feature in the source code, most especially when collaborating with other developers not within the same vicinity.

To reduce the risk of codes being broken, Git can be in handy when having different developers working on different features on a project.

Finally, Git can only be used if it's installed a your computer. Check out my article on How to install Git with ease.

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