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I have no idea what I'm doing, but here Goes #1: Decision time.

Okey dokey, here goes. It's decision time.

What do I want to solve? I want to do NO work chasing up work.

How do I solve this?

Maybe I build an API that identifies holes in my diary, then automatically emails my contacts telling them I have available dates. Then it reads the responding emails and automatically populates my diary. Easy! How hard can it really be to build one of these things?

But what to call this it? Hmmm. Let's see... "The Work Chaser 2000". Perfect. The cool kids will call it "tWC2k". I know. I'm a creative genius, right? Don't feel intimidated by my awesomeness, I'm just a man, after all.

Righty oh. Now, how does one make a "tWC2k"?

Probably a big call for someone that has no idea what he's doing, but I suppose we can break this down: First thing's first. Can I access to and manipulate my calendar and emails? Turns out Google has an API on gmail and calendar, so that's a go. So I need tWC2k to talk to gmail and calendar, and vise versa. Let's start here.

Looks like (right now) I don't need a database or website. Pfft. Websites are soooooo for beginners. Wait.... oh yeah. That'd be me.

So, if I can do the following, to begin with:

  1. It's going to be Node.
  2. Build tWC2k API with an endpoint that connects to any of Calendars API endpoints. Just get a connection. Any connection to begin with.

I think I can use Postman to test my endpoints initially. Not sure what exactly I want to test. Maybe I look at the documentation in Google's API and pick the easiest looking thing to connect to?

This might take me a while, but I reckon that's a good enough place to start.


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