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from chomsky hierachie to javascript.


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Guess the output of this JS code

a unicorn bookmark well earned. ty for this.

The term "clean code" is misleading - this is my take

at leat you are a honest man. keep on thinking things for you...

Javascript - Destructuring the Thing!

good writeup man, ty. can you tell how to do this in typescri...

MediaStream API in Javascript

Solid writeup. Ty sir

Let's talk about Lodash

y the deepcopy stuff is still very viable

TIL: How to use async pipe and populate mat-select

bump* anyhting here?

Glassmorphism login form UI Design using HTML and CSS

solid css. <3 unicorne

Why React is winning over Angular?

Nice writeup. thank you. Can you provide/share your ressource...

I'm An Impostor

Best write up on this page since years

Destructuring nested object

sweet ecmascript. i find you fluff and beatifull. except und...

type vs interface in TypeScript

could you give an example in which cases i would want the las...

What are your favorite FrontEnd newsletters?

honestly. i started my career as junior with newsletter codin...

The Shocking Immaturity of JavaScript

but why not be edgy and just write UI in godot or similar and...

The Shocking Immaturity of JavaScript

Bro, JS is the attempt to unify different browser APIs. One s...

2 Ways To Dynamically Load Angular Components

i like it man. just recently switched from react to angular a...

What you hate the most about being a Developer? 😅🤓

i sometimes lack time to play dota 2

The "Off" Click

while reading iam thinking about :not() CSS pseudo-class whi...

Build Single Page App with Rx [From scratch]

ty for the wripteup. iam also in angular/store atm for my lat...

looking for a good vpn provider

good tip, i found this ...

4 reasons why you should use GraphQL over REST APIs

on point! ty

What to learn and use for statement management in React ?

hi bro. i made good experience with redux. it works handy onc...

How to Check For Undefined in JavaScript / TypeScript

Have a look at the new syntax sugar here: developer.mozilla.o...

after build succeeded, I tried to run it locally but got this error :

here are the related docs:

Using request/success/failure pattern in Redux to handle async actions

old, but still viable. I always use this pattern in my http-v...

Optional Chaining in JavaScript

by far the best syntax sugar.

I built in honor of the vaccine (and my 16th birthday)

nah, i am coding "hard" enough at my job. but from curiosity,...

I built in honor of the vaccine (and my 16th birthday)

best rap part ever. <3 it

How to setup Development Environment on new Macbook Pro M1

Hi man. Ty for the writeup. I also thought about replacing my...

What JSX

Is jsx a good looking asian gurl? i dont get it.

Stop Using "data" as a Variable Name

topic reminds me on this reddit

All the use cases of useState I use in my projects.

Interesting read tho i prefer to store my ajax response in re...

Do you prefer Fetch or Axios?


React Components Lifecycle Methods - WTH are they?

This is how i learned to "react" back int the days. Nowadays ...

Best JavaScript Frameworks 2020

Angular is Rank 1. LOL?

Window Object in JavaScript

Awesome scroll experience man ;-)

What is Vuex

little tip for improving usage:

How to improve the build speed in React-Typescript, when using material ui

glad to halp out ;-)

Optional Chaining in javascript.

Best new feature. I instantly applied it to my recent project.

Which Terminal Are you using on Windows 10 Right Now?

git bash, vsc terminal, same bash

One Mistake I Made With Tailwind CSS That Cost Me 140KB

tailwind purge, will be remembered ;-) ty for sharing this. ...

Preventing copying text in a webpage 😁

i use css shims for this :-)

Is there a "missing" feature or extension that you would like to see in VS Code?

make it more easy/convinient to compare file diff's, even if ...

Preventing copying text in a webpage 😁

user-select: none ?

What's your best decision switching jobs?

Ps. needed to blow some steam

Has anyone worked in React and Angular both? "The 1.6 release added...

Building portable front-end applications with Docker

i just read the code of this. the conditonal chaining operato...

Has anyone worked in React and Angular both?

i dont like the versioning of angular. its now 10? member goo...

Say Goodbye to Pesky Overflowing Text With the text-overflow CSS Property

i do lots of web, but i still hate css. because it often feel...

What do you use for CI/CD?

Using bitbucket pipelines. Beeing excited how ez it is to hav...

1 small tip to improve your code readability

isn't this related to anyhow?

Announcing .TXTLSS Virtual Hackaton by LiveChat

Iam confused. You posted this 24Sept. but it started already ...

Top 5 JavaScript secrets

I must agree with above comments. I learned about comma opera...

JSON.stringify(stuff, WTF, 2)

+1 for title. i luled

What IDE / Code editors have you used?


API testing tools: An Example Based Guide

I think the vscode addon http rest Client is worth mentioning...

How to Get Into Tech and Become a Senior Engineer in 4 Years

Nice writeup thanks. Althoug i am a bit sceptical about this ...

VSCode vs Vim

glad to learn a new line, ty bro ;-)

VSCode vs Vim


Explain virtualization like I'm five

solid writeup bro +1

What is the best code editor?

my journey: notepadd++, sublime, atom, und now finally VSC ...

Use this trick to map over single objects in Javascript

i thought array in response is no go, because

Use this trick to map over single objects in Javascript

hm, i just don't get the advantage here. is it synonym to ...

What problems does Docker really solve? 🐳

docker sold its enterprise section if i am not mistaken. le...

JS: The difference between "undefined", "null" and "void 0"

smthg like this here in 2.

JS: The difference between "undefined", "null" and "void 0"

i use void 0 to return from irrelevant if/else statement br...

Coercion in JavaScript - 🤔 do you know what it is?

Array(16).join("foo" -1)+ " BATMAN" source is still destro...

Coercion in JavaScript - 🤔 do you know what it is?


Do you want to be a Top Developer? You Must Build Things! - 7 Apps to Build

wow, this is quite a roadmap. i like the progression. thank...

This is why I hate Typescript

interesting though, although i like some features of ts. ma...

Do you know these weird parts of JavaScript?

i have seen this before here

How to Integrate Vue with ASP .NET MVC - The synergy between the two

i see. but nonetheless a nice article :-) I enjoyed reading...

How to Integrate Vue with ASP .NET MVC - The synergy between the two

Nice man. Can you write about the same approach in Java JSP...

Some Lesser Known TypeScript Features

Nice. The ! Feature is neat.

broot, a new way to browse directories

nice thing man, although iam not into rust

Fix unexpected scroll jump - Vue Router

Have you adressed an issue in vue-router? and thx for the a...

4 Spaces or 2?


Every comment born with 1 like?

Maybe an assumption: at least you will like your own post. ...

Tired of technical windmills

Pal, no code ist ever really finish. No Code ist sacred. I ...

Who or what inspired you to do programming?

not really, its different. maybe i could use the knowledge ...

Who or what inspired you to do programming?

i studied linguistics and i liked it, but the simple truth ...

Do you leave jokes in your code? If so, please share!

//this should work, but... //the night is dark and full of ...

10 Tools To Power Up Your Command Line

nice job darren, bookmarked! :-)

Describe Your Job With a GIF!

not exactly a gif..

Creating a linked list using only Function Combinators

Nice implementation and consumption of runkit. i like it

Getting speed back, my Webpack debugging journey

Maybe this is mildly interesting for you:

A rapper that just makes painfully true songs about programming

"Please install my linter, cuz i dont like when it's differ...

How to improve the build speed in React-Typescript, when using material ui

Hi Mateusz, thanks for clariyfying that this principle can...


This is definitely, by far, the strangest thing i ever saw he...

Protected Routes in React using React Router

Pretty solid and understandable. i watched it on 1.25 x spe...

What are your favorite VueJS libraries?

this helped me a lot and made life so much easiger. vuex-m...

(Don't Fear) The Regex: A Practical Introduction to Regular Expressions

hi josh, stumpled upon this in dec'17. trying to solve this...

With our minds set on 2018

1 - python ( for fun rasberry lego technics robots) 2 - gra...