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re: What's the thing you hate the most about being a programmer?
Late Sitting, work never ends, but life do
re: I made a game to help people learn the notes on their guitar. It's free and mobile-friendly 🎸
waiting for Android App
re: We all are Codengers!!
you should opensource the project, so anyone can contribute...
re: 5 Small Tips To Grow In Your Career
Bohot achi post hai =P
re: Machine Learning for Mobile Poets - Meet the eMiLy app
very nice, i like your app idea
re: How Architecture Improved My Coding Skills
Help me,how can i learn in-depth architecture, so my coding...
re: Conquering Your Quarter-Life Crisis
Dont worry, you are doing gr8 =)
re: Awesome Tools and Resources I Found on Twitter -
i like the
re: Conquering Your Quarter-Life Crisis
Thank you for sharing, its worth reading seriously, added t...
re: I run FullStack.Cafe as a side project, Ask Me Anything!
Please make all the questions free
re: The Interview Study Guide For Software Engineers
thanks dude
re: You may not need the if-else statement😎
Hi, I try to use work in my app, but i am unable to impleme...
re: Which fictional story (book, movie, etc.) is the best allegory for software development?
my codebageeees =P
re: I'm the former tech lead for the NPM CLI, and I've been doing FOSS for 10+ years, Ask Me Anything!
I would like to say Hi! =)
You move to latest version of react native. move back to ol...
re: What should I learn, React Js or React Native?
hi, You can start with anything you like, i started with re...
re: Explain neural networks with example which predict pattern
for example if i randomly type numbers then neural network ...
re: Welcome Thread - v6
Hey! what up? this is jawwad,i am a c# developer but need l...