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Joe Doss

Fedora Linux user. Passionate about enabling others to improve their lives with Open Source Software.

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Michigan State University


Principal Systems Architect at DEV Community

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Forem Self-Host is Now Officially Supported

Thanks @peter :)

What are your favorite less-common programming languages?

joining the DEV team :)

Welcome Emma! We are glad you are here. :)


Fly Fly!

What is the first thing you do when setting up a new computer?

I run my Ansible playbook...

What are your top 3 focus songs?

I really gravitate to metal and hard rock when I need to get ...

We're DigitalOcean and we're excited to be here with you!

Total per month right now is $38 USD. I spend $15/mo for a ...

Hey CodeLand! We're HarperDB and we make data management easy throughout your coding journey!

Can I run HarperDB run in a container and self host it?

We're DigitalOcean and we're excited to be here with you!

I have been hosing my personal email server on a droplet sinc...

Hi, we’re ErgoSesh and we are thrilled to be at CodeLand!

I am just dropping a note that I had an ErgoSesh with Brett a...

Hi, We’re GitHub and we’re excited to be at CodeLand!

I am loving the profile READMEs! I made an old coworker a col...

Where in the world do you DEV?

Andy, pull over...

For Empowering Community

No problem Andrew. We are working hard every day to make Fore...

For Empowering Community

Hey Andrew, part of my work here at DEV is to enable end user...

For Empowering Community

I strongly believe in truly owning the data you put online an...

What are your worst habits as a developer?

Staying up late because I am sooooo close to figuring out my ...

Zoom has acquired Keybase

Some people already are:

Hello ~World~ Systems Engineering

Hah! I know plenty of engineers that are well over 35 that ar...

Hello ~World~ Systems Engineering

RHEL/CentOS has it's place for sure. It is a nice, stable LTS...

What's your goto motivational quote?

This is one of my favorites from Michael Scott...