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Martin J
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Part 1 - Making a portfolio with SvelteKit - the beginning 1/100DaysOfCode

Part 1 of a journey to making my portfolio. This post will be boring as hell, but hopefully it's a beginning of a fairly interesting series.

Finally getting it together and making a portfolio with my work.

I have been learning and playing with webdev for close to three years, but I never took it to another level. I have been (and as of the time of publishing this, still am) working a stable, boring office job.
Working remote for over a year helped me gain some clarity and look inwards. My personal goals and plans don't align with my current employment, and it's relative safety has placated my hunger for pursuit of what I want, and what I want is TECH. I love modern technologies and am very passionate, nay - have an insatiable hunger for learning new things and solving puzzles.

SvelteKit 😍

At the current stage it's a very barebones page with no real content, but I have already learned so much:

  • Basics of SvelteKit- I have already been quite familiar with Svelte so it was quite easy to jump in. So far I'm really enjoying the framework and would strongly recommend for anyone to check it out.
  • Very simple CI wiith Netlify
  • setting up a domain through Porkbun

Other than showcasing my work and writings, I am going to keep myself accountable and attempt to keep as close to 100 lighthouse score as possible and follow best practices.

Lighthouse performance scores, all 100s

It's live on (

Roadmap - next up:

  • reviving a few of the projects from my project graveyard (AKA my github account)
  • figuring out what content management system I want to use and hooking it up
  • Accessibility. I can't wait to read more about it and start applying what I learned. InHuOffficial's A11y rants are awesome.
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100 Days of Code

This post also marks my entry and first day of progress for #100DaysOfCode

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Gwion (Gwyllgi)

Thanks for taking the time to document your journey. I have recently begun looking into Svelte too and I'll be happy to follow your progress! 👍