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Don't wait to be inspired!

Action is the foundational key to success. Is there a lie in this statement? A farmer plants seeds and nurtures them in the expectation that these seeds will germinate into plants for consumption or sale.

I was struggling to work, and I couldn’t find the inspiration, so I became frustrated. Then I realized that waiting to be inspired or motivated wouldn’t get the job done; I had to get the job done whether I was inspired or not.
The thought of “why waiting for inspiration fails you” came to mind. I realize that having inspiration is great for doing any kind of work; however, inspiration alone is not the key to achieving consistency and growth.
You may be inspired, but you may lack self-discipline; you may be dealing with self-doubt or fear, or you may be in an environment that’s holding you back. In so many ways, having inspiration alone may fail you; it’s just like having a seed but not planting it.

Here are some ways to encourage inspiration.

Become self-aware: The practice of mindfulness is very important, it keeps us aware of what we’re doing. This allows us to identify our strengths and weakness, and areas we’re lacking to help us create strategies on how we can improve.
Set achievable goals: Setting goals can help you stay motivated. In this case, journaling is a good exercise; Create a to-do list, list out the most important task of the day, then the less important ones, and stick to working on the most important task first before moving to the less important ones.
Organize your environment: Your environment matters a lot, surround yourself with things that can help you stay motivated; people, books, etc., and remove distractions from your environment to keep you from indulging.
Learn and Explore: Be open to learning new things or skills that can help you become better, it could be books, podcasts, or a community of like-minded people.
Don't forget to take breaks; it’s important for your body, mind, and spirit.

Let’s do a little exercise;

Have a talk with yourself and find out the things that are holding you back. Write them out, and start weeding. By writing things out you can see clearly, then you can start removing things that are a distraction and start working on areas where you’re lacking(Remember there are resources online for self-development)

Seek support from others, change your environment, or design your environment to fit the kind of life you want. Overall, you must do the things required and discipline yourself to follow through to achieve the very best for yourself.

Remember, you can never stop working to become better, your best is the ultimate goal.

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