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3 skills every programmer should have

Programming can sometimes be really difficult but there are some skills that make it easier.

Here are some of the skills a good programmer should have:

1. How to Google


This is something every good programmer do. It may sound really simple but the truth is, its not. Not at all.

If you have some experience developing applications, then you must have been in a situation where you can't seem to find the solutions you are looking for online. You can be stuck for days.

Believe it or not, it's not possible to have every code you need in your head. If it was possible, then technologies wouldn't need a detailed documentation and people wouldn't need to write blog posts.

We are all human and are bound to forget whatever we do not use frequently. Not just code.

No programmer knows everything and no programmer will be able to. You can only learn and understand the concepts and whenever you need to add something you're not familiar with, you can just look it up.

As time go by, you'd become better at googling and building applications faster.

2. How to read code


This is another thing that every programmer must learn how to do.

From building a new application to learning how to use a new feature, you're going to come across pieces of code you need to understand, and having the ability to conveniently read code is going to make your life a lot easier.

Though this is not a skill you can develop overnight, it comes with time.

Learning how to read code is going to make you faster at coding, debugging and writing clean and more efficient code.

3. Patience


Like it's said, "Patience is a virtue".

As a programmer, from time to time, you're going to be faced with code that just don't work for reasons you just don't understand.

You're going to miss a semicolon, mistake a capital letter for a small letter or have a code from a tutorial you want to include in your application but it simply doesn't work.

This is where patience comes in.

Being a programmer requires you to patiently sit in front of a computer for long periods of time.

Most of that time can sometimes be used for debugging and believe me, a semicolon can drive you crazy.

If you have to be a better programmer you need to be able to sit in front of a computer for a long time without distractions.

If there are other skills a programmer should have, you can add value to this post by leaving them in the comments below..

Keep learning, keep coding and don't forget a semicolon! Happy coding!!

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