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My 2020 Goals

I’m not usually one to set “goals” but having recently got a new job that’s all about goal setting I’ve decided I need to use this in my personal life too!

1. Write more

Writing about things helps me retain knowledge better, so once I learn a new thing, I want to write about it help me, and also help others who may be having the same issue.

2. Attend more meetups

We don’t have very many meetups here in Melbourne but would love to attend more and engage in the tech community.

3. Learn more

To stay on top of my game I need to take more initiative to learn more, expand my knowledge and learn new technologies

4. Engage more

I spend all my time reading things and replying in my head but I need to start engaging in conversation and helping people out.

5. Start a blog!

This isn’t too hard because I’ve built a lot! But I finally need to get it done and live.

What are your goals for 2020?

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James Schleigher

Thanks for sharing! My goal this year is to read more. I listed all books that I wanted to read. I use task management software to track my goals and schedule them. I like to use Tick Tick or Quire.