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Pop Tech TL;DR Episode 2 - Combatting bad clients, better npm packing, meaningful tech jobs, and more!

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Pop Tech TL;DR

Not Paid Github Repository

Not Paid

Did your client forget to pay? Fade out the website each day they don’t pay until it completely disappears! Pro Tip: Mix it with the code, minify, and obfuscate for greater effect. *winks

x0 Homepage


x0 is a tool that allows you to create documentation for your React components. Think of it as an alternative to StoryBook. One of the most interesting features it has is the LiveEditor, allowing you to play around with the components in a live environment and being able to see a preview of the change immediately.

Brisk Github Repository


Brisk allows you to use ReasonML/OCaml to create native UIs. It’s still a work in progress but it’s exciting to see how it’s gonna end up, especially since it’s using Reason.

JAMstack WTF Landing Page

JAMstack WTF

The JAMstack is wildly popular right now. This site will help you understand WTF JAMstack really is and why developers are currently all about trying to build their apps with this technology stack. It also teaches some best practices and an ideal workflow. Now go over there and be one of the JAMstack-savvy developers!

Positive Impact Tech Jobs Homepage

Positive Impact Tech Jobs

If you’re looking for a job, how about you consider applying for one that has positive impact on the world and its people? Positive Impact Tech Jobs is a listing of tech job opportunities in companies that try to make a positive change in the world. They have a listing for companies with social impact, education impact, environmental impact, healthcare impact, et cetera. Companies like Khan Academy, John Hopkins University, and OpenAI have job opportunities posted on the listings. If you ever want to work for a company that champions social good, this is a great place to start.

@pika/pack introductory blog post


This tool is one that I am personally very excited to try out. @pika/pack is a CLI tool that allows you to simplify the process of packing and deploying an npm package. @pika/pack lets you create a pipeline of the common processes you do with a library such as compiling to ES5, uglification and the like, using plugins with sensible defaults. Once you’ve setup your pipeline, just run pack build && pack publish and you are done!

We are Colorblind Homepage

We are Colorblind

We are Colorblind is a site that educates people about colorblindedness and gives insights, tips, and resources to help people develop content and software that are colorblind-friendly.

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