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Josué Rodríguez (He/Him)
Josué Rodríguez (He/Him)

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Today I learned how to retrieve your WiFi password from Windows

Hey guys, it's JD again! I want to share with you a little trick that I learned because a friend forgot her WiFi password and I offered to help. I'm going to show you how to retrieve your WiFi password from your Windows computer. You should consider the following:

  • This will only work with admin rights.
  • You have to be connected to the WiFi network.

Let's begin!

First, open your Control Panel and locate the Network and Internet option. Click where it says View network status and tasks.
Step 1
Now, let's click where it says Change adapter settings
Step 2
This will open a new window. Next, right-click on WiFi and click on the Status option.
Step 3
On the window that pops, click the button that says Wireless Properties which will open yet another window. We'll click on the tab that says Security.
Step 4
And finally, click the checkbox that says Show characters.
Step 5
And there you have it! That's how you retrieve a WiFi password from Windows!


This little tip may help a friend or family member that forgot their WiFi password, and that'll be your time to shine✨. It's a nice little tip to know. That's it guys, see you later! 😁

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