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Jean Roger Nigoumi Guiala
Jean Roger Nigoumi Guiala

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How to keep calm while dealing with bugs?

So i want us to discuss on a subject: How do you handle stress, how to keep cool while dealing with bugs? what is your tips, what do you do when you are coding and you spend hours on a bug and start getting angry or nervous?

Personally i just leave my computer for 15Min and try to do something else not computer related. What about you?

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Same here. For reasons yet unknown, I tend to find a solution for a long-standing bug while visiting the toilet. Don't ask me why.

Also, don't try to write code while you're feeling stressed. It will hurt you. Badly.

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I personally always have a plastic bubble wrap in stock, then stomp or jump on it and listens to its cracking sound really relives my soul. It is not just limited to bug, I get more pumped up by seeing complicated codes without comments and twisted logic with many lines wrapped in a single function.

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David Brewer
  1. I take notes of what I've done to try and resolve the issue or to determine how and why the issue is happening. The worst thing you can do is attempt something that you've already tried and waste time doing it.
  2. If you can't figure out the issue within an hour or two, take 15 minutes and take a walk.
  3. Talk with your coworkers about the issue if that's an option. Sometimes talking about the issue with someone will spark an idea and you may have a breakthrough with that.
  4. Sleep on it. If it's an issue that you can wait a day to figure out and you've already spent 8-10 hours on it then go rest.

Bonus unnumbered point: sometimes the answer comes at the oddest times. Like at 3AM while you're sleeping or while you're driving.

During a very stressful period of time from April till mid-June of this year I was neck deep in stress testing and resolving issues that I found along the way. The amount of times I've gone through this list is too many to count.

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Thomas Leathers

When I'm feeling frustrated by a bug, I take a break and come at it later. When I do come back to it, I often first read through my code like I was explaining it to someone, and see if something doesn't make sense. Doesn't work 100% of the time, but its found more than a few bugs for me.