Best IDE or text editor for hackers

juanjo profile image Juanjo Salvador Apr 14, 2017

I'm a little bit tired of VS Code. I want to decrease the presence of Microsoft in my system, so I'm turning back to GitHub's Atom. Also I miss some cool packages from this editor.

But, Atom has a problem with perfomance and RAM. I hope Electron is better since my last time with Atom (about one year ago), but if I need to select another IDE or editor, I want to know what are the best for you. Preferably oriented to web development, and if possible, free software.

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There were a lot of great extensive writeups about the editors and IDEs folks use in this thread

Hmm. Thanks Ben!

VS Code is far supperior to Atom. Uses Electon too, if you weren't aware. I hate Microsoft as much as the next guy, but VS Code is nice :p

So is Typescript :p

What about Sublime Text? I want to try VS Code at work, also. But now from my experience I could say, that ST3 is much better than Atom and all of JetBrains' products.

VS Code, with cool extensions. :D

Atom has also come a long way since last year with frequent updates getting released, lot of packages by the authors as well as community. VS code is also one a good alternative.

If you're on a Mac, I'd say Atom. On Linux, I prefer VS Code. I wish Dreamweaver's color themes were better, because I love having the FTP right there for uploading and downloading.