Best IDE or text editor for hackers

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I'm a little bit tired of VS Code. I want to decrease the presence of Microsoft in my system, so I'm turning back to GitHub's Atom. Also I miss some cool packages from this editor.

But, Atom has a problem with perfomance and RAM. I hope Electron is better since my last time with Atom (about one year ago), but if I need to select another IDE or editor, I want to know what are the best for you. Preferably oriented to web development, and if possible, free software.

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There were a lot of great extensive writeups about the editors and IDEs folks use in this thread


What about Sublime Text? I want to try VS Code at work, also. But now from my experience I could say, that ST3 is much better than Atom and all of JetBrains' products.


VS Code is far supperior to Atom. Uses Electon too, if you weren't aware. I hate Microsoft as much as the next guy, but VS Code is nice :p


If you're on a Mac, I'd say Atom. On Linux, I prefer VS Code. I wish Dreamweaver's color themes were better, because I love having the FTP right there for uploading and downloading.


Atom has also come a long way since last year with frequent updates getting released, lot of packages by the authors as well as community. VS code is also one a good alternative.

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