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Big reason to use React navigation over Wix navigation (React Native)


Today I discovered a really big reason why React navigation is fundamentally better than Wix navigation. React navigation has functions createBottomTabNavigator/createStackNavigator, etc. which return a component. However, Wix navigation just has registerComponent, which take the screen you want to render (with a wrapper around it, if you want it) and just returns a void and creates this screen natively.
The problem with the latter is that, if you use a wrapper around your screen, this wrapper will be mounted for every screen that is registered. For our app this meant that our LocalAuthWrapper was also mounted 5 times on app start, because we had an app with 5 tabs, and it mounts all tabs. Therefore, the dialog to authorize with local auth mounted 5 times, which is 4 times too many. Because of how this library works, it didn't function anytime after the first time, and therefore we had to make native changes to this library.

I think it's kind of ugly that our wrapper gets mounted every single time a new screen loads... Also less efficient. With react navigation, you don't have this problem, because you can wrap your wrapper around the whole of the navigation, because navigation is a component too.

This fundamental difference should not be overseen! It can be very important.

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Stumbled upon the same problem. I agree